Program Overview

The Kennington Primary School Wellbeing Program is a pro-active, multi-faceted program which aims to empower students and embed social values.

Components of the KPS Wellbeing Program 

  1. Positive Behaviour Supports including Check-In Check-Out Program
  2. Jump Start Program
  3. Bounce Back Program
  4. Values Program
  5. Drug Education Program
  6. Cyber Safety Program
  7. School Awards Program & Classroom Awards Program
  8. Classroom Protocols
  9. Classroom Appreciations
  10. Restorative Practice Program
  11. Student Leaders Program – Grade 6 Student Leaders have  a key role in school leadership
  12. Buddies Program – Each student is matched with a Buddy at school. Many activities are organised for Buddies to participate in
  13. Better Buddies Program – Grade Prep and 6 students
  14. Assistant Principal as Wellbeing Leader
  15. Service Provision – direct links to Social Workers, Psychologist, School Chaplain, Child first, Better Outcomes, CAMHS etc
  16. Chaplain programs include Seasons for Grief and Loss, resilience programs, Tuning into Kids etc
  17. Pastoral Care Program – provision of student lunches and breakfasts as required, provision of casseroles to families in need
  18. Provision of Parent Education by Local Organisations e.g. cybersafety, anger management, anxiety etc.
  19. Individual Learning Programs with wellbeing foci eg for new students to KPS and for students with high level social needs or requiring additional support including those living in out-of-home-care, indigenous background, non-English speaking background
  20. Program for Students with Disabilities
  21. Yard supervision - 5 teachers on yard duty at any one time, before and after school and during both lunch breaks. All wear high visibility vests and carry a phone
  22. Lunch break activities  – a range of organised and supervised activities including Kids Club, sports try –outs, sports games, Environment Centre Activities, Outback Garden play, Prep garden play, clubs e.g. Beading Club, Open Library, ovals, netball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, passive areas, active areas, outdoor seating areas,  provision of sporting equipment during break times.
  23. Regular communication to and from parents
  24. Supporting Policies
  25. Open Door policy including access to Principal and Assistant Principals as required
  26. Detailed Transition processes – inter-school, into KPS in Grades 1-6, into Grade prep and into Yr 7
  27. Detailed Class Placement Policy and Processes including opportunity for parents to input relevant information
  28. School Facilities– Including The Outback Garden (attractive enclosed space within the school yard for supervised play), the Prep Garden (Supervised yard space just for preps), Prep Play Equipment, Grade 1 and 2 play equipment, Environment Centre (Gardens and chook shed for supervised activities during break times
  29. Extensive extra curricula program
  30. Community Events –Welcome Morning Tea, Community Basket Tea, Twilight Fair, Carols at Kennington Parents and Friends events (Fathers and Mothers’ day Stalls, Fun Food Days)