At Kennington Primary School we offer a comprehensive numeracy program which aims to provide students with a strong grounding in mathematical skills, strategies and understandings. Our aim is to support students in becoming numerate and use mathematics effectively so they can successfully participate at school, at home and in the wider community.

From Prep to 6 the Numeracy lesson is structured with a warm up to engage students and promote mathematical thinking followed by an introduction to establish the learning intention and relevant skills and strategies. The student learning activities are designed to allow students to participate in a variety of hands on tasks. Explicit teaching of skills and strategies are an integral part of learning. Teachers are regularly assessing students’ skills and understandings both informally and formally. Time is provided for students to share their solutions and mathematical strategies. Focus group sessions with the classroom teacher provide opportunities to support students and to extend them in their learning. The lesson concludes with a reflection. It is at this time that the student reflects on the learning intention and how they have worked towards achieving success or questioning areas of concern.

Problem Solving is a whole school focus. Students regularly participate in a wide range of mathematical investigations that encourage them to read problems carefully, locate key words and use thinking and reasoning strategies to find solutions. Problem solving strategies are explicitly taught and our students are able to explain the methods they use throughout the investigations.

Teachers provide engaging ‘hands on’ tasks and games that take into account students’ ability levels and interests. The activities are usually based on real life experiences so students can see a purpose for learning and make relevant connections to their everyday lives. Teachers strive to make Mathematics a fun and a positive experience.