Visual Arts

Students at Kennington Primary School attend one hour of Visual Arts each week in our Art Room.

Term 1 in the Art Room focuses on portraits and name art for Grade 3-6. Each year a portrait is drawn and kept on file at school. In Grade 6 we compile these portraits into a “package of memories” to send home to families.  There is great excitement when portraits from Prep – Grade 6 are enjoyed and memories revisited.  Students also create silhouettes, half face drawings, continuous line faces and Matisse style name art.

During Term 2 the focus in the Art Room is on construction, modelling and 3D art. We explore paper mache models, clay sculpture, plaster masks/houses and paper/card construction.

In Term 3, our focus is on threads and textiles with students exploring weaving, stitching, knitting and dream catcher making. Students in Grades 5 and 6 also use the sewing machine to create a small cross stitched cushion. A great deal of patience and persistence is needed to develop these skills and our clever students are demonstrating that they are more than up to the task.  

The main projects for Term 4 include mixed media work, printing, art work based on the book, THE DOT, and Christmas craft.  Grade 6 students also prepare for their graduation with an art piece to display on the night and table decorations.