Bendigo Deaf Facility

Kennington Primary School is the base school for the Bendigo Deaf Facility. The Deaf Facility caters for students from Prep to Year 12. After students complete grade 6 at Kennington Primary School they continue their schooling at Bendigo South East Secondary College and complete years 11 and 12 at Bendigo Senior Secondary College. Teachers of the Deaf are based at each school to support the needs of the deaf or hard of hearing students.

Kennington Primary School is also a bilingual school. Students at designated levels at Kennington Primary School have the opportunity to learn Australian Sign Language, (Auslan), in a bilingual setting. During these times they discover the differences between English and Auslan and learn about the community and culture shared by Deaf people. Auslan instruction is provided by native Auslan Instructors.

Auslan is also taught as a LOTE subject at Kennington Primary School.

Bendigo Deaf Facility Staff 2016

·         Marg Tope – Deaf Facility Leader 

·         Lorraine Morton – Teacher of the Deaf 

·         Trish Johnstone – Teacher of the Deaf 

·         Brooke Howman – Deaf Facility Teacher 

·         Peter Willsher – Teacher of the Deaf 

·         Wendy Vellere – Teacher of the Deaf 

·         Janelle Giffin – Teacher of the Deaf  

·         Rachel Cain – Teacher of the Deaf 

·         Therese Barnes – Auslan Interpreter 

·         Moo Chris – Education Support Staff 

·         Claire Lewington – Education Support Staff