Grade 3

In 2017, there are 4 Grade 3 classes:
3A– Todd Canobie
3B – 
Patrick Coughlin/Jess Gibbins (Wed)
3C –
Leah Daley

3D - Shaorn Malberg

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to our first classroom newsletter for 2016. I’m sure you will agree that the term has commenced at ‘full speed ahead!’ Thank you for helping to settle your child into the new school year so quickly.


Jump Start

Our Jump Start Program was again very successful. The students certainly enjoyed participating in the varied activities offered. Popular activities were the guest performers.


Classroom Expectations

As a class, we have worked together to establish our classroom rules. Time has been spent unpacking our school values and establishing exactly what they mean and how they apply to us as members of Grade 3. We have also spent time investigating the consequences connected to our values and rules. We have discussed positive consequences that occur as a result of following the values / rules and the negative consequences that result from values / rules not being followed. The class Dojo is working great.

Attached to our Link and webpage newsletter is a copy of our values and how they are reflected across the different learning spaces within the school.


Home Reading.

Students have commenced their home reading program.  Those children who are independent readers will require a quiet time to read to themselves. At times, students will

want to share what they are reading with you. Please make this an enjoyable time, free of

distractions. We have many exciting books to read and authors to study.

‘Sharing’ can include: discussing the setting, characters, the main idea of the story, finding

rhyming/interesting words. Does the story have a message? Who is the author/illustrator? Can we research/compare other books by the same author? Has the

author set the scene to begin the story? I’m sure you will find many things to discuss.

For children who have not fully reached the independent reading stage they will need to continue to practise their skills by reading to you so please remember the 3 P’s:

PAUSE- Allow your child time to work out unknown words for themselves and allow them the opportunity to correct their own mistakes.

PRAISE- Praise all attempts your child makes. Frequent praise motivates children.

PROMPT- If your child is stuck, give prompts or clues as to what the word might be.

(Please remember that we do not sound out the whole word. Look at the beginning of the word….what does it start with? Is there an illustration to help with clues? Reread or read on to see what could make sense). Students are required to record their daily home reading in their diary and parents are asked to sign off on their reading at the end of each week.


Times Tables / Number Facts

Having a sound recall of times tables and number facts is an important aspect of Mathematics. Students are encouraged to practise these at home. They will be taught quick maths games that will assist in developing their knowledge and can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Water Bottles.

To enable students to concentrate and to be the best learner they can be, a water bottle is required at school every day. Students may either bring a bottle that can be left at school or bring a water bottle to school every day.


Arrival times.

I would like to remind parents and students that school commences at 8.45am.  Students coming in late can be very disruptive to the classroom program.  Students need to be at school by 8.35am as this allows time for students to unpack bags and organise themselves for the day ahead.



While students are able to bring gel pens and textas to school, the number of items brought in should be kept to a limited number. Items brought to school need to fit into one pencil case only. Items need to be clearly labelled with a student’s name. If a required item is broken or lost, parents are requested to replace the item as quickly as possible. It is recommended that students have a small number of supplies at home to complete homework tasks. This will enable school supplies to be left at school – therefore lowering the chances of items being left at home.



A copy of the classroom timetable has been completed by students and added into their diary. It would be appreciated if students could be encouraged to check their timetable each day, as this will assist in the organisation of their daily requirements.


Twilight Fair

Our fair is quickly approaching. Our class activity is the Hotshots Tennis. For this activity, we require donations for prizes. e.g. Anything small is fine for spot prizes. Donated goods may be sent into class, where they will be safely stored.


Please feel free to pop into our room to see the work that is being produced. It is easy to forget that as children get older they still like to share their work and enjoy praise and encouragement too.