Grade 2


In 2017, there are 3 Grade 2 classes:
2A – Leah French
2B – 
Natalie McDonald/Jess Gibbins (Thurs)
2C – 
Aaron Collins

Specialist Classes and Teachers
Visual Arts 
Physical Education 
Performing Arts 

Daily Home Reading Program and Spelling Program
We strongly recommend establishing a daily routine for your child’s daily home reading. A regular time and place will help you and your child to establish a regular reading routine. This is an extremely important part of your child’s education. In addition, we have implemented a spelling program that encourages students to practice their individual spelling words at home too.We have found that the most effective learning occurs with an effective home – school partnership. 

Netbook Computers
Each class has access to a set of netbook computers that we integrate into aspects of the curriculum. With technology, students learn how to log into Mathletics with their user names and passwords, learn how to create and publish posters in Microsoft Word and learn how to research and use different search engines on the internet. Students are also introduced to cyber safety.

Digital Technologies
Students have begun using Bee Bots in classrooms this semester. We have integrated the Bee Bots into our Maths and English curriculum. Students are required to use locational language to move the Bee Bots. Ask your child what Bee Bots are!

1/2 Sport


Every Friday morning the Grade 1 and 2 students complete an hour long rotation of sports activities. Every week the students complete a different activity with a different teacher. There is a new focus for sport and fitness each term.

Bounce Back!
The Bounce Back! Program is a part of the KPS Wellbeing Program. Students complete regular Bounce Back! lessons commencing in Grade Prep and finishing in Grade 6. These lessons cover areas including core values, emotions, relationships and bullying.


Please ensure your child's belongings are clearly named. Thius includes hats, jumpers, drink bottles, lunch boxes. library bags and art smocks. This will make things a lot easier to locate and return lost items.