In 2017, there are 5 Grade Prep classes:
PA – Sherilyn Butler
PB – 
Gabby Cavallaro
PC – Hollie Morgan
PD - Laura Nardi

PE - Sarah Harvey

Our Specialist classes are:
Visual Arts
Physical Education
Peforming Arts

Daily home reading
We highly recommend establishing a daily routine for your daily home reading. A regular time and place will help you and your child to remember and enjoy the reading. This is an extremely important part of your child’s education. We have found that the most effective learning occurs with an effective home – school partnership.

Sign in words (Passwords)
The students are required to sign in each day by writing a word commonly used in our Prep reading and writing. By doing this the students are practising letter formation and learning to recognise these common words.

iPads and Netbooks
Each student will have access to a Prep netbook. Students use their netbook during English and Mathematics. The Prep classes will have access to iPads from Term 2 onwards. At Prep level, students' main focus will be on identifying and exploring how the technology of an iPad or netbook works. Students will participate in a variety of structured educational acitivites according to the Victorian Curriculum guidelines.

Buddy Program
Each Prep student is assigned a Grade 6 buddy. The Grade 6 and Prep students have ‘Buddies’ each Friday afternoon where they complete creative, educational activities together. The Grade 6 students act as positive role-models to their Prep buddy.  

Integrated Studies
Our four Integrated topics for the year are All About Me, Imagine That (Monsters and Pirates), Aussie, Aussie Aussie, and In the Garden.

Bounce Back!
Students complete regular Bounce Back! lessons. These lessons cover areas including core values, emotions, relationships and bullying. Our weekly awards are based on our weekly Bounce Back lessons.